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You seem pretty sure that you are a dominant Ti with Supporting Ne, if that's the case the logical conclusion must be tertiary Si and inferior Fe, so: Ti > Ne > Si >. The 8 cognitive functions: Ni = Light bulb__ Ne = Question marks__ Si = > inside the head__Se = > outside the head (size determine the function place, biggest. When Ti serves Si in an SiFe, it analyzes things in a categorical, organized manner, Ne is the small part of the SiFe that craves simple new experiences and.

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Si is internal or introverted Sensing. They generally do better when they avoid most of the things that require high attention to detail, myfreecams model repetition or action, or rote memorization. Introverted Feeling Fi Extraverted Sensing Se.

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Extraverted Feeling Fe surveys a breadth of human feeling. Because Ni does much of its work subconsciously, it is sometimes perceived as having a certain magical or prophetic quality. Please email inquiries quora. It is primarily concerned with solving problems and finding answers, and often prides itself in its ability to be detached from situations in order to be as objective as possible. Thinking and Feeling are used to make decisions, while iNtuition and Sensing are used to process information. The first and second are most important. INTP = Ti > Ne > Si > Fe. ISTP = Ti > Se > Ni > Fe. ENTP = Ne > Ti > Fe > Si. ENFP = Ne > Fi > Te > Si. ENFP: Ne – Fi – Te – Si INFP: Fi – Ne – Si – Te INFJ: Ni – Fe – Ti – Se ENFJ: Fe – Ni – Se – Ti ISTJ: Si – Te – Fi – Ne ESTJ: Te – Si – Ne – Fi. Si Te Fi Ne (ISTJ), Si Fe Ti Ne (ISFJ), Ni Fe Ti Se (INFJ), Ni Te Fi Se (INTJ). J. I. Ti Se Ni Fe (ISTP), Fi Se Ni Te (ISFP), Fi Ne Si Te (INFP), Ti Ne Si Fe (INTP). P. E.


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