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+ the girth of a redbull can is huge! Oh, I've got the idea ofcourse from the group " 8x6". Their main picture are 2 redbull cans on top of each. wait till females respond. Lets see if the whole "females have no size perception" hypothesis can become a legit theory. We will compare the. this would be a simple task. I have gave it a valiant effort and could not find the answer. I don't drink that stuff, otherwise I'd measure the can.


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Red bull can measurements Can banks own liquor license? All times are UTC Their main picture are 2 redbull cans on top of each other, but, has someone checked that before? Posted By NTX 0 Comments. Please include your IP address in your email. I get hiccups when i drink 1 beer is that normal?
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Ok, this is kind of a strange request, but does any one know the diameter of a red bull energy drink can? (I dont have access to one right now). Beverage Can Europe & Asia - Product Catalogue / Cans - Our Sizes. Ranges in this Range. Markets & Applications. Beverage. Slim Cans. Standard Cans. The original Red Bull Energy Drink pack of 12, Fluid ounce per can Product Dimensions: x x inches; Shipping Weight: pounds (View.