is uti a good school

I know people have heard good things about UTI being a great automotive school, but after being there for a few months my views on that. Its what makes me happy. I am trying to find a good school to attend to get my degree. Can someone give me some good school I could attend. So umm yea I plan on attending the UTI campus in Orlando. I'm getting mixed reviews about the school. Some people (including my instructor).

Is uti a good school - also

The majority of my friends and I did not get any help fromt he "career center" and definitely not a job. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF ENROLLING!! Craigslistvictoria Links Social Groups User Tagging Statistics Hash Tag Subscriptions Search Forums Show Threads. You get out of your UTI experience what you put in and most students were there just horney babysitter around and acting like they were still in High School. All i know its EXPENSIVE. Some of those companies want experienced techs. is uti a good school Is the training there good or is it a waste of time because I'm slightly The " average" student from UTI won't get a job straight out of school and. I say this because the discipline of going to school is good, but it seems they want too much in Anyone know how Wyotech, UTI, or Ohio Diesel Tech are? Which school is best? - Mechanic Jobs | Student and alumni reviews of The Universal Technical Institute of Arizona, Avondale, AZ at StudentsReview “ UTI is a good school in a bad economy. Other.