how hippie are you

The hippies of the s started a revolution that is still influencing the world today. Maybe you 're more of a hippie than you think? Find out!. More Quizzes? Can We Guess How Hippie You Are? What Is Your Hippie Name? What Is Your True Hippie Name? Sponsored by Revcontent. Been born to parents who've seen the Grateful Dead? Been referred to as the " hippie friend?" Embraced it? Been known as the "barefoot kid?". You may embrace the stereotype with glee. Or you might think that the person who wrote this quiz is nuts to think hippies are cool. Try it out anyway! It's all for fun. How Hippie Are You? Questions to go: you meditate? Nope; Yes, but seldom; Yes, very often; What is meditation?. Have you ever been called a hippie or a tree hugger? Do you think it fits you? Take this short quiz to see how hippie you are. Take the quiz. how hippie are you


Does being veeeeeeegan turn you into a hippie!?

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