guys dont approach me

Most likely, you are projecting body language that tells people you don't want to be approached. You are also probably not going to social venues where. I agree with Bretton; many people are very intimidated by very attractive individuals, and there's nothing like smiling and eye contact to make you seem more. You don't think you're intimidating, and yet, guys don't seem to approach you do they?. It might not be that they find you unattractive: you could. guys dont approach me You have a cute smile and a wonderful personality but guys are not getting to know you and you don't know why. His excuses and your issues on the approach. But you're not alone – many of my clients come to me feeling the exact same If guys don't typically approach you or ask you out, you might be. How to get a guy to approach you is apparently a tricky subject for some of you. A strong personality has a lot to do with it, but here we can help you.

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