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This quiz takes the Chaotic vs Law and Good vs Evil alignments, merges them, and then modernizes them. This quiz can be used for your personal alignment. Are you a heroic lawful good? Or a chaotic evil? Find out. Begrudgingly accept, knowing that their years of wisdom trump your emotionally clouded judgment. Question their authority, and present a.

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Which Positive Quality Are You? MY FINGERS ARE HOARSE. Animology: What Animal Are You? DID Free sex line DOG BITE YOU? Without it we are savages. Yes, evil must be stopped to preserve the government. Your contribution via Patreon or PayPal Me keeps this site and its author alive. This brief ten-question quiz concerns your character's alignment. The referee has spent a great deal of time considering the various alignments, just exactly how. This test is designed to give an accurate, logical and represented look at your own personal alignment based on the pen & paper role playing game Pathfinder. I took the time to answer all 36 questions in this test to the best of my ability, mostly because I'm a sucker for pointless quizzes, but also because I was genuinely. allignment test